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Program for control of emissions and management of carbon credits
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23 June 2007

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Are you an industrialist or a plantation house owner or in any such profession where you save lots of CO2 emission and earn lots of carbon credit points? Do you find yourself in the midst of confusions as you don’t know how to calculate your earned carbon credits and use them? Here is the software which can help you to manage and utilize your carbon credits efficiently. The best thing about this application is that it can work with your hand held device like your palm pilot. This software can easily be downloaded in your handheld device and you can take it where ever you go. With this software you can calculate carbon credits earned by entering the quantity of CO2 emission reduced. You can also purchase or sell carbon credits all over the world with this application. For the transactions, this application is linked to all prominent sites that deal with carbon credits. Not only this, it also helps you to plan your activities in your personal and professional life, so that you can earn maximum carbon credits. It also helps you to gain the carbon credit certificates and organize them.

This application is a must for all nature lover entrepreneurs so that they can earn while making world a better place to live.

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Program for control of emissions and management of carbon credits. With he is possible to manage the purchase and sale of carbon credits, to make the planning of the sustainable actions and control of emission, to organize the bought certificates, to establish levels of aditionality, emission, reduction and much more. He follows important table for calculation of carbon credits and relation of weblinks on carbon credits and sustainable development. In English.
CO2 Global
CO2 Global
Version 1.0
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